Austrian Interior Minister: Afghans and Syrians Have the Highest Number of Asylum Requests in the European Union

Bayan News – Gerhard Kärner, the Austrian Interior Minister, has called for the serious expulsion of Afghans and Syrians from the European Union in his recent statements.

On Tuesday (March 4), during a meeting with EU ministers in Brussels, he stated that Afghans and Syrians are the two groups with the highest number of asylum requests in the European Union.

The Austrian Interior Minister added, “At the moment, we do not have any possibility to deport them to these countries because EU laws do not allow it.”

Kärner further emphasized that it is necessary for the European Union to be authorized to carry out such deportations again in the medium term and that further discussions are needed.

He highlighted that almost three-fourths of all asylum requests are from Afghanistan and Syria.

According to him, citizens of these two countries also form the largest groups of asylum seekers in other EU countries. Therefore, the European Union needs to investigate which regions of these two countries it is possible to deport Afghan and Syrian asylum seekers to.

Earlier, relevant organizations had reported that Afghans had the highest number of asylum requests in Europe.

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