Mawlawi Abdul Kabir: Some international organizations encourage people to engage in illegal migration

Bayan News – Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Political Leader of the Taliban government, stated in a meeting with Kyung Jun, the Commissioner for Asia and the Pacific of the United Nations, that reports from certain international organizations are based on incorrect information that encourages people to engage in illegal migration.

According to the Arga newsletter published today (March 4), Mawlawi Abdul Kabir met with Kyung Jun, the senior official of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees.

He is the first United Nations official to arrive in Kabul after the Doha meeting. During that meeting, the United Nations Secretary-General criticized the Taliban’s lack of participation.

Kyung Jun stated that the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees is committed to addressing the problems of Afghan migrants and that assistance will continue.

Referring to the increasing number of returnees from Pakistan and Iran, he emphasized the importance of integrating returnees into Afghan society.

The United Nations Commissioner for Refugees highlighted that migrants face economic difficulties, poverty, unemployment, and threats from drought and natural disasters that affect people’s lives. Addressing these issues requires attention in terms of employment, shelter, health, and education.

According to him, to generate employment for migrants and displaced persons, domestic and international institutions need to be involved in strengthening Afghanistan’s economy and adapting infrastructure projects.

On the other hand, the Deputy Political Leader of the Taliban government stated that problems such as hunger, poverty, and unemployment have been inherited from the previous government, and resolving these challenges requires more time and resources.

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir emphasized that the international community should not forget Afghanistan in its current situation.

He stated that neighboring countries, in the face of Afghanistan’s natural difficulties, have resorted to forcibly deporting Afghans, and Afghan migrants have no role in the insecurity in Pakistan, yet thousands of innocent migrants have been imprisoned.

He stated that Afghan migrants should be allowed to return to Afghanistan at their own will, and international assisting institutions should continue to cooperate in providing shelter and creating job opportunities for migrants.

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir added, “It is regrettable that the recent Doha meeting did not pay attention to the issue of Afghan migrants and the realities in Afghanistan, and no one, not even the UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson, expressed an opinion on collecting and continuing assistance due to the handling of this phenomenon.”

A recent meeting was held at the initiative of the United Nations with the participation of representatives from 25 countries in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The interaction of the international community with the Taliban was discussed and examined during this meeting. However, the issue of migrants and the reasons for their increase were not addressed.

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