First Deadly Houthi Attack in the Red Sea

Bayan News – It has been reported that recently two crew members of the American cargo ship “True Confidence” were killed in a semi-military attack by the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea.

According to published reports, US and British authorities have confirmed the deaths of two crew members of the ship. The Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the attack on the American vessel.

The Houthis have identified True Confidence as an “American ship,” but the ship’s spokesperson stated that it currently has no legal connection to the United States.

The ship was operating under the flag of Barbados.

Prior to the confirmation of the deaths of two crew members, Reuters news agency, citing a shipping source, reported that four crew members were severely burned and three of them are missing.

This deadly attack comes a few days after the sinking of a British cargo ship following a Houthi attack.

Since mid-January, the United States and Britain have initiated attacks against Houthi targets, but these attacks have not had any significant impact on halting their actions.

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