Ottenbaya: Afghanistan’s Reintegration into the Global Community Should Reflect the Expectations of the People

Bayan News – Roz Ottenbaya, the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General and Head of UNAMA in Afghanistan, emphasized that Afghanistan’s reintegration into the global community should reflect the expectations of the people, particularly full respect for the rights of women and girls.

Speaking at the United Nations Security Council meeting on Friday, March 6th, Ottenbaya added that although everyday security for millions of people in Afghanistan has improved after the Taliban’s takeover, it has not come easily.

The head of UNAMA reiterated that any engagement with the Taliban should be about respecting human rights, engaging with local communities, and participating in political decision-making to ensure stability in the country. He acknowledged the Taliban’s efforts in achieving regional stability, reducing opium cultivation, and combating ISIS but stated that these achievements would not be sufficient for ensuring lasting stability in Afghanistan if other critical issues are not addressed.

Ottenbaya also acknowledged the concerns of regional countries about the current situation in Afghanistan, particularly the presence of terrorists, which are well-reflected in the reports of the UN Sanctions Monitoring Team. He stated, “It is not just ISIS that poses a threat, but also the Pakistan Taliban provocation, which is a major concern for Pakistan and has witnessed an increase in terrorist activities.”

Preparations for the Third Doha Conference

The head of UNAMA referred to Afghanistan as a global challenge in the United Nations Security Council and stated, “This country is a source of instability, terrorism export to other parts of the world, an 85% production source of opium globally, and the home for millions of displaced people who have been driven out of this country to build their homes in neighboring countries, and millions of others who have chosen to build their homes further away, where their sons and daughters can receive an education.”

Ottenbaya mentioned the UN’s readiness for the third Doha conference and stressed that the process should be designed to include Taliban officials and other stakeholders.

He also added that UNAMA will make every effort to have the participation of Taliban officials in the third Doha conference.

The Taliban’s interim government declined to participate in their second Doha conference, citing the non-acceptance of certain conditions.

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