OCHA: 52% of Women and Girls in Need of Humanitarian Assistance

Bayan News – Concurrent with the spread of poverty and unemployment in Afghanistan, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) states that 52% of individuals in need of humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan are women and girls.

OCHA wrote on Monday (March 10) on the X platform that this organization provided humanitarian assistance to eight million girls and over nine million women last year.

The organization further added that in 2024, out of the total 23 million people in Afghanistan who require humanitarian assistance, 52% of them are women and girls.

OCHA has called on the global community to provide comprehensive support in protecting women and girls in Afghanistan, as they are the most vulnerable.

These concerns arise while women and girls are prohibited from education and employment in domestic and international non-governmental organizations.

International organizations and countries have urged the Taliban to cancel the restrictive orders against women and girls in order to achieve economic stability, eradicate poverty, and promote employment in Afghanistan.

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