Taliban Cabinet Minister: People Complain about Heavy Taxation

Bayan News – Abdul Latif Mansoor, the interim Minister of Energy and Water of the Taliban, recently stated that citizens are complaining about high taxes.

Mansoor, who was speaking at a session in the Paktia province, said that a transparent system should be established to regulate taxation so that individuals are not arbitrarily sending tax payments.

He added, “Another complaint that we receive is about taxes. A rule should be made for this sector as well, do not send individuals arbitrarily. These are dignified people. Some individuals enter a shop and write down the amount of tax you owe and tell you that you have to pay it.”

This comes as Afghan citizens have been complaining about the high taxes imposed by the Taliban over the past two years, citing a weak economy, lack of business growth, unemployment, and other factors that prevent them from being able to afford heavy taxation.

Meanwhile, this Taliban Cabinet Minister emphasized the existence of law in Afghanistan and stated that legislation has eliminated arbitrariness, and people no longer face challenges.

After coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban declared the cancellation of all written laws that they deemed contrary to Sharia law.

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