Deputy Economic Minister of the Taliban: Afghan People Will Obtain Their Rights from “Gush Tepa Canal”

Bayan News – Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Deputy Economic Minister of the Taliban, states that the Afghan people will obtain their rights from the “Gush Tepa Canal,” and neighboring countries should not be concerned.

The Deputy Economic Minister of the Taliban made these remarks today, Wednesday (March 12), during a ceremonial meeting with a high-level delegation from Uzbekistan, which recently arrived in Kabul.

Mullah Baradar added that this canal in northern Afghanistan has been the aspiration of the Afghan people for decades, as they have been unable to legitimately and reasonably benefit from it like other countries in the maritime region due to ongoing war and insecurity.

According to this Taliban official, Afghanistan is pursuing an economy-focused foreign policy, primarily aiming for regional integration and requiring regional cooperation, particularly with Uzbekistan, to achieve this goal.

On the other hand, the Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan stated that his country is ready to collaborate with the Taliban in the technical aspects of this canal, as well as the implementation of modern irrigation systems.

The Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan declared in his speech that Tashkent intends to undertake significant projects in the electricity sector in collaboration with the Taliban. Additionally, Uzbekistan plans to invest in the “Afghan-Trans” project for regional connectivity, utilizing Afghanistan’s coal resources for electricity projects.

The Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan recently led a delegation of 30 people to Kabul and held meetings and discussions with senior Taliban officials.

Uzbekistan maintains close political and economic relations with Afghanistan.

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