United States: Armed Taliban Opponents Lack Strong Leadership and External Support

Bayan News – The annual assessment report by US intelligence agencies indicates that the Taliban has strengthened its power in Afghanistan and severely suppressed its opposition forces.

The annual report of US intelligence agencies, titled “Annual Assessment of Threats to US National Security,” was published on Tuesday, March 11.

The report states that the prospects for a threatening resistance against the Taliban are low, as many people in Afghanistan are weary of the war.

The assessment explicitly states that, on one hand, the armed opponents of the Taliban lack strong leadership, and on the other hand, they do not have external support.

According to this report, the Taliban government will not address the ongoing humanitarian crisis and economic weakness in Afghanistan and will continue to prioritize its religious objectives.

According to the report, “The Taliban will continue to enforce restrictive measures, carry out public punishments, suppress protests, and prevent increased presence of women and girls in secondary schools and universities.”

This report is published at a time when, over the past two years, several fronts, including the National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Massoud and the Freedom Front led by Yasin Zia Ali, have engaged in armed opposition against the Taliban.

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