The United Nations Security Council is voting on the continuation of UNAMA’s activities in Afghanistan

Bayan News – The United Nations Security Council will vote today, Friday (March 15th), on the continuation of the work of the United Nations Assistant Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

The draft resolution to extend UNAMA, prepared by Japan, will be put to a vote this afternoon.

According to the United Nations Security Council report, the members of the council have reached an agreement during the informal meetings regarding the draft resolution to continue UNAMA’s work in Afghanistan.

It is also reported that Western countries, including the United States, Britain, and France, are calling for the addition of a text regarding human rights, particularly the rights of women and girls, in the resolution to exert pressure.

It is said that the United Nations Security Council resolution fully supports UNAMA’s office in Kabul and does not make any reference to changes in the functions and priorities of this entity.

The continuation of UNAMA’s work in Afghanistan will conclude on March 17th.

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