Putin becomes the President of Russia for the fifth time

Bayan News – Preliminary results of the Russian presidential elections indicate that Vladimir Putin, the current President of the country, is leading in these elections.

According to Russian media reports, Putin is ahead in the elections with 87.31% of the votes after the examination of 99% of the protocols.

Mr. Putin appeared in front of the media cameras at his campaign headquarters last night (March 17th) and declared himself the winner of these elections.

On the other hand, the Russian Election Commission has announced that the voting process has concluded across the country after three days.

According to the commission, a press conference regarding the next results of the Russian presidential elections will be held within the next three days.

This is the fifth time that Vladimir Putin is becoming the President of Russia, and yet he has been in power for 25 years.

Several countries, including China and North Korea, have congratulated Putin on his victory in the elections. However, leaders of some Western countries, including the United States, have labeled the Russian elections as non-transparent.

Putin’s re-victory in the elections will have an impact on the state of Moscow’s relations with the West and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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