Reactions to the Pakistani Army’s Airstrikes; Taliban Summons Pakistani Embassy Official

Bayan News – The Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it has summoned the official of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul in response to the airstrikes by Pakistan in the provinces of Khost and Paktia.

In a statement released today, Tuesday, March 18, by the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it states, “The Islamic Emirate calls upon Islamabad that no form of aggression on Afghan soil will be tolerated.”

The Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged the government and people of Pakistan not to allow irresponsible elements and misguided policies to destroy the relationship between the two countries.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Defense has also condemned the airstrikes by the Pakistani army and has responded strongly.

The Ministry of Defense statement states that the border forces have targeted Pakistani military bases across the Durand Line using heavy weapons.

Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan, and Hanif Atmar, former high-ranking official of the Afghan government, have also condemned the attacks by the Pakistani army on Afghan soil.

In a statement, Hamid Karzai considers these attacks by the Pakistani army as a clear violation of Afghanistan’s territorial integrity and a violation of international norms.

The former President of Afghanistan believes that the continuation of these attacks will be detrimental to both countries and emphasizes that a change in Islamabad’s policy and the establishment of a civilized relationship based on good neighborly relations will benefit both countries and be a factor for stability in the region.

It is reported that Pakistani fighter jets targeted areas in the provinces of Khost and Paktia this morning. Media outlets close to the Pakistani army have reported that these attacks were directed against Pakistani Taliban militants.

It is also reported that in the border clashes between the two sides, one Pakistani army soldier has been killed and two others have been injured.

The clashes are said to be ongoing at the time of this report.

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