Taliban officials and representatives from Uzbekistan held a bilateral meeting in the port city of Hairatan

Bayan News – According to a statement from the Taliban’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the meeting took place in northern Afghanistan.

The ministry announced on Wednesday that the bilateral meeting with Uzbekistan officials included representatives from the foreign ministry, finance ministry, mining and petroleum ministry, Afghanistan Railway Authority, and the Taliban governor of Balkh province.

During the meeting, discussions were held on signing bilateral trade agreements, as well as trilateral and multilateral transit agreements.

Other topics of conversation included the export of one million tons of coal, Uzbekistan’s investment in agriculture, cement production, and thermal power generation from coal, among other matters.

It is worth mentioning that the Taliban government and Uzbekistan currently have close political and economic relations.

Uzbekistan has expressed readiness over the past year to invest in various economic and trade infrastructure sectors under Taliban rule.

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