The United States has confirmed the death of a senior Hamas member.

Bayan News – Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor, has confirmed in his latest statements that “Marwan Issa,” one of the senior leaders of the Hamas group, was killed in the Israeli attack.

This senior US official told reporters on Wednesday (March 19) that it is believed that other Hamas leaders are hidden in the “depth of Hamas tunnel network” in Gaza.

Stating that justice will catch up with them, he added that Washington will assist Israel in targeting Hamas leaders.

Sullivan also reiterated that the US remains committed to pursuing Hamas in support of Israel, but at the same time noted that Israel’s attack on Rafah in southern Gaza will be a mistake.

He further added that the US President, in contact with the Israeli Prime Minister, has called for a clear endgame strategy in Gaza.

Marwan Issa, as the deputy military commander of Hamas, is the highest-ranking leader of this group to be killed since the start of the war on October 7.

This Palestinian group that controls Gaza has not officially commented on reports of his death.

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