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New Academic Year: The United States Criticizes the Ban on Girls’ Education in Afghanistan Once Again

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the start of the new academic year in Afghanistan, the special representative of the United States for women and human rights criticized the continued ban on girls’ education by the Taliban.

Today, Thursday (March 20th), is the first day of the new academic year in Afghanistan, and the relevant Taliban authorities rang the educational bell to commence the education process in Afghanistan.

Reena Amiri stated that the persistence of the ban on girls’ education is distressing and has created an extraordinary situation for women and girls globally.

She had participated in and delivered a speech at a session titled “Reconstructing Security from the Perspective of Women Living under Taliban Rule” last night.

Amiri said that school doors are opening in Afghanistan while girls once again cannot attend their classes and receive an education.

According to this American diplomatic official, what exists in Afghanistan is unacceptable in any predominantly Muslim country and within the Islamic framework, and these objections regarding education have been rejected at the global level.

Although the Taliban Ministry of Education has sounded the bell to commence education in the new year, they have not said anything about the education of girls beyond the sixth grade.

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