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President of the European Parliament: Europe will not forget Afghan women and girls

Bayan News – Roberta Metsola, the President of the European Union Parliament, says that Europe will not forget Afghan women and girls, and that any form of gender discrimination is unacceptable.

The President of the European Union Parliament stated to reporters on Friday (March 21) that the Union condemns the violation of the fundamental rights of women and girls in Afghanistan and the perpetration of gender-based violence by the Taliban.

She said, “We condemn gender apartheid; this is a strong position of the European Union Parliament.”

The President of the European Parliament also reiterated that she has met with a group of “brave” Afghan women in Lisbon, Portugal, who have escaped the clutches of the Taliban.

Ms. Metsola added, “They are now studying and striving to build a new life in Europe.”

The failure to reopen girls’ schools by the Taliban has been met with increasing international criticism every passing day.

It was expected that in the new academic year, the doors of schools would be opened to girls, but after 900 days, there is no news of the lifting of the ban on girls’ education in schools.

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