White House: We Warned Russian Authorities About Possible Attack on Moscow

Bayan News – Adrian Watson, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, has stated that the United States had warned Russian authorities earlier this month about the possibility of a terrorist attack on major gatherings in Moscow.

The spokesperson for the White House National Security Council said today, Sunday (March 23rd), to reporters that Joe Biden adheres to the longstanding policy of “duty to warn,” and as such, the United States issues warnings to countries or groups if specific information about kidnapping and killing threats is received.

The ISIS group has claimed responsibility for the attack on a concert hall in the outskirts of Moscow.

In this attack, at least 60 people have lost their lives, and more than 150 others have been injured.

The Russian Federal Intelligence Service has announced that 11 suspects have been arrested in connection with this incident.

It has also been reported that the suspects intended to flee to Ukraine.

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