World Health Organization: 50% of Afghans face mental health issues

Bayan News – The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 50% of the Afghan population is grappling with mental health problems, leading many of them towards drug addiction.

Hanan Balkhi, WHO Regional Director, stated during a session in Vienna, the capital of Austria, that 50% of the entire Afghan population is affected by various forms of mental distress.

Yesterday (March 25th), a session titled “Deepening Crisis: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Paralyzing Afghan Society” was held.

During the session, representatives from the World Health Organization, the European Union, and Japan discussed the psychological consequences of drug use.

The WHO Regional Director added that ongoing mental distress in Afghanistan has negatively impacted people’s quality of life.

Although she did not provide details regarding the statistics on the percentage of mental health issues among the population.

On the other hand, Rafaela Iodice, Head of the European Union Delegation in Afghanistan, suggested that alternative ways should be sought to reduce the consequences of drug use.

The EU representative further emphasized the need for investment and prioritization in global mental health and substance use disorders, especially in Afghanistan.

She highlighted that combating drug abuse and reducing its consumption among the people is a fundamental responsibility of the global community.

It should be noted that since the Taliban came into power in Afghanistan, cultivation, trafficking, and consumption of drugs have been declared illegal.

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