France says it is sending military equipment to Ukraine

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the intensification of Moscow’s attacks, French Defense Minister Sébastien Le Cornu has announced that Paris intends to provide Ukraine with hundreds of old armored vehicles and ground-to-air missiles as support for the Ukrainian army against Russia.

According to reports from French media, this decision was made following negotiations between the leaders of the two countries.

The French Defense Minister stated, “The Ukrainian army must defend a very long front line and needs armored vehicles. These capabilities are essential for the movement of forces.”

These armored vehicles, which have the ability to transport troops on the front lines, are planned to be sent to Ukraine in 2024 and early 2025.

It is worth mentioning that the Russian army has intensified its attacks to seize parts of Ukraine since the beginning of 2024.

Russia’s advance in Ukraine has heightened concerns among Western and European leaders, who have stated that if Ukraine is defeated, the security of the West and Europe will be compromised.

Despite these concerns and Western military support for Ukraine, the President of Russia has warned that if this assistance and the deployment of forces in Ukraine continue, the world will be drawn into a major war.

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