Iranian Officials Announce Triple Increase in Transit of Goods to Afghanistan

Bayan News – Iranian officials have reported that in the past year, at least 20,000 trucks carrying goods have transited through the Mahiroud customs to Afghanistan.

Mohammad Koohgard, the Director of Customs South Khorasan in Iran, added that this figure indicates a threefold increase compared to previous years.

According to this Iranian official, transit includes used goods and food items that have transited to Afghanistan via the Mahiroud customs from countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Following the emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Iran has significantly expanded its diplomacy and trade relations with Afghanistan.

According to officials in this country, one of Iran’s priorities in foreign policy is to develop diplomacy and commercial cooperation with neighboring countries.

South Khorasan, which shares a 331-kilometer border with Afghanistan, is in a strategic position for carrying out trade exchanges.

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