Crisis of poverty and hunger in Afghanistan; the international community is not interested in providing assistance

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the expansion of poverty and hunger in Afghanistan, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Kabul (UNAMA) has expressed concern over the lack of willingness of the international community to provide assistance to those in need.

This organization stated in a message yesterday (April 6th) that more than 20 million people in Afghanistan are in need of urgent aid this calendar year.

UNAMA clearly stated in its message that the international community should increase its efforts to support the needy, taking into account the economic crisis in Afghanistan.

According to UNAMA, $3.6 billion is needed to provide assistance to those in need in Afghanistan, but only six percent of that amount has been secured so far.

Meanwhile, the graph of poverty and hunger in Afghanistan is increasing every day, and due to the continuation of this crisis, many Afghan youth have chosen the path of migration to neighboring countries.

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