Alert from the Taliban Meteorological Department about the possibility of heavy snowfall and rain in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Simultaneously with intense rainfall in over 20 provinces of Afghanistan, the Taliban Meteorological Department has issued a warning that these precipitation events will be severe in 30 provinces of the country.

The department stated on Friday (April 18) that the rainfall will be even stronger during the days of Saturday and Sunday of the following week. According to the Taliban Meteorological Department, the amount of rainfall in the 30 provinces of Afghanistan may range from 15 to 60 millimeters, and the snowfall may reach 15 to 30 centimeters.

In the new year, the levels of precipitation have been unprecedented in most provinces of Afghanistan. As a result of these rains, floods have occurred in some Afghan provinces, resulting in loss of life and property damage.

According to statistics from the Taliban Ministry of Disaster Management, as a result of these floods, 70 people have lost their lives and over two thousand residential houses have been destroyed. These rains have not only affected Afghanistan but have also been intense in regional countries such as Iran and the United Arab Emirates, causing disruptions in the transportation of these countries.

In the latest case in the United Arab Emirates, it has been reported that several cities have been affected by floods, disrupting the lives of the people.

Taliban: Victims of natural disasters in Afghanistan have reached 70

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