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Iran executes four Afghan prisoners

Bayan News – Human rights organizations have reported the execution of four Afghan prisoners in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad on Saturday, April 20th. Rights Watch has further stated that these prisoners were executed on Friday morning.

In its report, the human rights organization wrote that they (the Afghan prisoners) were arrested in 2019 on drug-related charges and were sentenced to execution by the court.

Zaman Taheri, Salam Taheri, Gholamqadir Samani, and Ebrahim Norzahi are among the Afghan nationals imprisoned in Iran who were executed.

The officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran have not yet shown an official response to this matter.

The human rights organization stated in its report: “On Thursday, they were transferred from the general ward related to drug offenses to solitary confinement in Vakilabad Prison, and on Friday morning, their death sentences were carried out.”

It is said that last week, another Afghan citizen was executed in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad.

However, Human Rights Watch has not provided further details on whether these prisoners had defense attorneys or not.

Nevertheless, after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, there have been several prisoner exchanges between the two countries.

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