Abdollahian’s reaction to increased EU sanctions on Iran

Bayan News – Hossein Amir Abdollahian, the Foreign Minister of Iran, has responded to the European Union’s agreement to impose further sanctions on Iran and deemed their actions unlawful.

The Iranian Foreign Minister wrote on Tuesday morning (April 23) on the X platform that EU members should not follow the United States’ recommendations due to their satisfaction with Israel.

Abdollahian wrote, “It is regrettable that the European Union hastily decides to create further unlawful restrictions against Iran solely because Iran has exercised its right to defend itself against the aggressive transgressions of the Israeli regime.”

He emphasized that instead of sanctioning Iran, the European Union should focus on and sanction Israel.

Continuing his statement, the Iranian Foreign Minister wrote, “While the Israeli regime continues its genocide of Palestinians through a combination of war crimes, missile attacks, and creating famine, the reaction of the European Union to it is almost nothing more than empty words.”

Abdollahian’s response comes as 27 members of the European Parliament agreed to impose further sanctions on Iran yesterday.

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