Iran and Pakistan: The Presence of Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan Poses a Threat to Regional Security

Bayan News – Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif expressed concern over the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan in a joint statement.

Senior officials from Iran and Pakistan issued a joint statement on Wednesday, April 24, and this statement was issued right at the end of Raisi’s trip to Islamabad.

In the statement, Raisi and Sharif emphasized their commitment to the development of Afghanistan as a peaceful, united, independent, and free country from the threats of terrorism and drug trafficking.

The statement highlights that the existence of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan poses a serious threat to regional and global security.

The Iranian President and the Pakistani Prime Minister emphasized their willingness to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism and security and to create a united front against terrorism.

The activity of terrorist groups is a concern for the majority of countries in the region and the world. The Taliban claims that there are no groups present in Afghanistan and that the territory of this country does not pose a threat to any other country.

Continuing their joint statement, the Iranian President and the Pakistani Prime Minister stated that, while respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, they acknowledge that “the greater participation of all sectors of Afghanistan in fundamental decision-making will lead to the strengthening of peace and stability in this country.”

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