The European Union Allocates 17 Million Euros for Repatriated Migrants from Iran and Pakistan

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the intensified forced expulsion of Afghans from Iran and Pakistan, the European Union has pledged to provide 17 million euros in assistance to repatriated migrants.

The European Union’s delegation in Kabul wrote on Friday (April 26) on the X platform that it has signed a 17 million euro aid agreement with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The European Union further added that this aid will be used to support newly repatriated migrants from Iran and Pakistan.

According to the European Union, in the past year, approximately 1.5 million Afghan migrants have returned from Iran and Pakistan, and the increase in the return of migrants has caused a further crisis in Afghanistan.

Recently, the governments of Iran and Pakistan have taken a new wave of forced expulsion of Afghans.

According to published reports, the Iranian government has expelled over 5,000 undocumented migrants through the Islam Qala border in the past two days.

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