Bayan News – The majority of Israel’s cabinet supported Egypt’s proposal to prevent war in Rafah

“Israel’s Radio and Television” reported on Saturday (April 27) citing an informed source that despite Benjamin Netanyahu’s different priorities, the Prime Minister of the country, reaching an agreement between Tel Aviv and Hamas based on Egypt’s new proposal is possible within a few days.

According to Al Arabiya, according to this informed source, the majority of Netanyahu’s cabinet members support the terms of Egypt’s new proposal. The Cairo proposal was previously presented to Hamas authorities and its goal is to achieve an agreement for the exchange of hostages and prisoners and the start of a temporary ceasefire.

Israeli officials stated: “A security body and most political factions supported the new agreement based on Egypt’s proposal, under which, 20 to 40 Israeli hostages will be released in exchange for a one-day ceasefire or a little more for each of them.”

According to these officials, Benjamin Netanyahu did not prefer to reach a partial agreement and was interested in a comprehensive agreement that would result in the release of all Israeli hostages in Gaza.

At the same time, another Israeli official noted: “Achieving a comprehensive agreement is not among the options. This is to some extent due to Hamas’s demand to end the war in exchange for a comprehensive agreement, with which Israel disagrees.”

These developments occurred as Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, postponed his scheduled trip to Israel next week until the following Wednesday.

Informed sources emphasized that the US opposes Israel’s military operations in Rafah to preserve current opportunities to reach a ceasefire and agreement for the release of hostages.

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