The Deputy Ambassador of Iran in Kabul: The Taliban has not accepted Tehran’s condition for forming an inclusive government

Bayan News – Gholamreza Najafi, the Deputy Ambassador of Iran in Kabul, has recently stated that although the Islamic Republic of Iran seeks the recognition of the Taliban, the Taliban authorities have not accepted Iran’s conditions for the formation of an inclusive government.

“Iskannews” reported on Monday (May 27) that quoting this diplomat, despite the challenges, the Taliban expects the Islamic Republic to be the first country to recognize the current government in Kabul.

Najafi said: “Unfortunately, Iran’s conditions for the formation of an inclusive government have not been accepted by the current authorities of this country so far.”

According to him, the relations between the Islamic Republic and the Taliban regarding water rights, border disputes, the migration crisis, and the Persian language segment are accompanied by problems, and the Taliban has also not shown flexibility in these cases.

However, previously, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Iranian Ambassador to Kabul, had clearly stated in a consensus in Qom, Iran, that what is currently happening in Kabul does not reflect all the realities of Afghanistan.

The Iranian ambassador emphasized that representatives of all Afghan ethnic groups should be included in the Taliban government.

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