White House: Israel’s attack on Rafah did not violate US “red lines”

Bayan News – Two days after the deadly attack by the Israeli military on a civilian camp in the city of Rafah, the White House says that Israel did not violate US borders.

The White House statement released on Tuesday (May 28) states that the United States is pursuing investigations into the tragic and deadly Israeli air strike on Rafah, but the recent casualties in the city of Rafah do not constitute a major ground operation.

The White House statement says that in this operation, Israel did not violate any red lines, and consequently, the US policy of military aid to Israel will not change.

In the recent attack by the Israeli military on the Palestinian civilian camp in the city of Rafah, at least 40 Palestinians, including women and children, were killed.

International institutions, Islamic countries, Saudi Arabia and the United Nations have strongly condemned this Israeli attack.

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