Slovenia also recognized Palestine as an independent country

Bayan News – After the countries of Norway, Spain, and Ireland, the Prime Minister of Slovenia has also announced that his country recognizes the Palestinian government as an independent country.

Robert Golob, the Prime Minister of Slovenia, added that the parliament of this country will hold a meeting in the coming days to confirm the recognition of Palestine.

He called this action peaceful and emphasized that the conflict between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip should be stopped as soon as possible to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

This country has raised the flag of Palestine alongside the flags of Slovenia and the European Union in front of the government building in Ljubljana, the capital of the country.

Spain, Ireland and Norway recognized the State of Palestine on Tuesday, June 8.

Of the 27 members of the European Union, Sweden, Cyprus, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria had previously recognized the State of Palestine.

Malta has also said that it will soon take action to recognize the State of Palestine.

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