UN Migration Agency: War and Violence Have Displaced 114 Million People

Bayan News – The United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) has reported in a recent report that 114 million people have left their areas due to ongoing war and violence.

Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said that countries have failed in their efforts to combat the factors causing displacement, and the parties involved in conflicts are not following international laws.

This UN official criticized the Security Council, saying that representatives of some countries in the Council do not make the right decisions in their foreign policy.

This senior UN official, emphasizing the observance of humanitarian laws by the warring parties, said that the lack of adherence to international laws has led to a sharp increase in civilian deaths and thousands of people fleeing from various conflict-affected areas.

According to this official, in some conflict-affected areas, sexual violence is used as a weapon of war, and educational centers, hospitals, and humanitarian workers are being attacked.

Filippo Grandi, criticizing the polarization of the Security Council and the conflict between the United States and its allies with China and Russia, said: “It is not too late to save the lives of millions from the scourge of war.”

It should be noted that the largest number of displaced persons are citizens of Ukraine, Gaza, Sudan, and Syria, followed by Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

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