Iran has taken on more than 40 work plans to manage migrants

Bayan News – Abdullah Mobini, the head of Iran’s National Migration Organization, says his country has taken on more than 40 plans to manage and organize migrants.

He told the media on Saturday (June 1) that these plans include undocumented migrants, border closures, visa issuance reforms, and the employment of foreign nationals.

This Iranian official added: “Through proper integrated management, measures can be taken to organize foreign nationals against the policies of the Policy Council and coordination of foreign nationals and migrants.”

It is worth noting that since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, a wave of legal and illegal Afghan migration to Iran has formed.

According to published statistics, over the past three years, at least two million Afghans have taken the path to Iran out of fear of the Taliban, unemployment, and the economic crisis.

Despite these migrations, the Iranian government has also intensified the deportation of undocumented migrants over the past year.

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