The Iranian judicial attorney likened Afghan immigrants to “time bombs”

Beyan News – Neda Shams, the Iranian judicial attorney, stated that unauthorized Afghans act like time bombs that could explode at any moment.

She told Tasnim news agency on Saturday (June 1), “Unfortunately, there are no signs or addresses of unauthorized Afghans, so they do whatever they want.”

This Iranian attorney further added, “For many years, we have witnessed the extensive presence of unauthorized Afghans in Iran, and these unwelcome guests easily enter our country and leave whenever they want.”

Neda Shams mentioned that currently there are eight million Afghan immigrants in Iran, making up 10% of the Iranian population.

She stated in this interview that the employment of Afghan immigrants in Iran with low wages has led to unemployment among Iranians.

Her statements have sparked widespread reactions among Iranian social media users, who have labeled her as a fascist and a spreader of hatred towards immigrants.

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