Former US official: Mistakes in the Doha agreement destroyed the Afghan government

Bayan News – General Frank McKenzie, former commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), recently stated that the United States made the worst mistakes in its agreement and negotiations with the Taliban.

He said in an interview with CBS television that the government’s behavior regarding the timetable for the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan was the worst mistake; while the Americans could have achieved something better than that.

According to this retired US general, the Doha agreement was the worst negotiation mistake managed by Trump and then implemented during the Biden administration.

McKenzie emphasized: “The Doha agreement was the operational mechanism that killed Afghanistan, destroyed the Afghan government, because they saw that we were eager to leave that country regardless of the costs.”

He also said: “In fact, in the Doha peace agreement, there was a process that, if respected, would have demanded specific actions from the Taliban, but we did not want that.”

It should be noted that the agreement was signed between Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special representative for Afghan peace, and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

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