Putin calls for the formation of a comprehensive government in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Vladimir Putin, the President, in his latest statements, has called for the formation of a government in Afghanistan in which representatives of all ethnic groups are present.

Speaking at a meeting with media executives in St. Petersburg, Putin added: “We must ensure that all agreements at the United Nations level, including a government with the participation of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan, are implemented. This is a delicate and very important issue, but we need to establish relations with the Taliban.”

The Russian President mentioned that he has discussed Afghanistan with his recent ambassador to Uzbekistan, Shokrat Mirziyoyev.

Putin added: “The problem that Uzbekistan faces is access to the seas; there are various options, including logistics development through Afghanistan.”

At the same time, he emphasized that stability in Afghanistan is very important for both Uzbekistan and Russia. “We must somehow improve relations with the neighboring country, especially since Uzbekistan has a long border and we must ensure security and, I repeat, develop logistics.”

It should be noted that during his trip to Uzbekistan, the Russian President had told reporters that the Taliban control the territory of Afghanistan and they are the rulers of the country.

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