The gathering of refugees residing in Germany; the attacker does not represent the Afghan people

Bayan News – Hundreds of Afghan refugees residing in Germany gathered on Saturday (June 8) to show solidarity with the family of a German police officer who was killed last week by an Afghan attacker.

Participants of this gathering expressed that they are against extremism and that the Afghan attacker does not represent the Afghan people.

This gathering took place in several cities in Germany.

One of the organizers of this gathering stated: “Germany does not have Taliban courts and immigration cases are thoroughly and extensively evaluated, and if they meet the requirements, residence permits are granted.”

Participants in this march also emphasized the need for Afghan refugees to have a safe environment, and said that Soliman Ataee, the Afghan refugee attacker, does not represent all Afghans.

It is worth noting that last week, Soliman Ataee, an Afghan refugee, attacked demonstrators against Islam in the city of Mannheim with a knife, resulting in the death of a police officer and several others being wounded.

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