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Report: Only one percent of women feel they have a role in society

Bayan News – A recent report from the UN Women’s section shows that only one percent of women in Afghanistan feel that they have a role in their society.

The UN Women’s section report was published on Tuesday (June 10) and states that many generations have fought for women’s rights in Afghanistan against strong governments and regimes.

The UN Women’s section added in the report: “The oppression that Afghan women have experienced since August 2021 is unprecedented in scale and generational impact.”

The report includes a chart of the status of women in Afghanistan, showing how gender advancements in the country have been eroded by issuing 70 orders against women’s rights.

According to the report, the implementation of repressive policies against women has had a severe negative impact on other sectors of Afghanistan.

The ban on 1.1 million girls from schools and the prevention of more than 100,000 female students from continuing their education continue to affect the mortality rates of mothers in Afghanistan.

Quoting Alison Davidian, the UN Women’s special representative, the report stated: “Afghan women have shown extraordinary resilience despite unbelievable challenges and continue to run organizations and work in service jobs.”

It calls on the global community to prioritize the issue of Afghan women and girls in international meetings.

Meanwhile, the UN Women’s section has expressed concern that current Taliban restrictions have pushed women and girls towards social isolation.

The organization has urged relevant parties to take immediate action to improve the situation of women and girls.

The UN Women’s section has proposed allocating stable flexible budgets to help women and girls create employment opportunities.

The organization also recommended preventing actions that normalize discriminatory Taliban behavior and focusing human rights programs in Afghanistan on women’s issues.

This report comes as recently, the human rights watchdog wrote a letter to the UN Security Council and called for urgent attention to the situation of women and girls in this country.

At the same time, it has been reported that a group of women and girls in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, protested the Doha meeting and warned that without the presence of Afghan women representatives, the meeting will not have any meaningful results.

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