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The Taliban carried out public punishment of 15 accused individuals in the provinces of Kandahar, Sarpol, and Paktia

Bayan News – The Taliban’s Supreme Court announced that two people in Sarpol province and one person in Paktia were lashed in public for the charge of sexual relations.

The Supreme Court’s newsletter published on Wednesday (June 12) stated that these individuals were publicly punished with 21 to 36 lashes.

According to the newsletter, two men accused of sexual relations in the Balkh district of Sarpol province were punished with 21 and 31 lashes respectively.

The Taliban says these individuals were punished on Monday, June 21, in the premises of the Balkh district administration, in the presence of Taliban officials and residents of the district.

The Taliban sentenced these two individuals to one year and six months of enforced imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s media center in Kandahar province reported the public punishment of 12 people in the Spin Boldak district of the province.

This center stated that the accused individuals were lashed on Tuesday, June 22, based on the verdict of the primary court of Kandahar province.

The punished individuals were accused of “sodomy”, theft, and extramarital relations.

The Taliban has increased the trend of public punishment of accused individuals over the past year. rights organizations and the international community have described these Taliban actions as contrary to human rights values, but the Taliban continues to carry out public punishment of the accused.

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