Taliban Says Afghan Currency Value and Bank Liquidity Have Improved

Bayan News – Hidayatullah Badri, the head of the Taliban Central Bank, said in a meeting of the bank’s Supreme Council that the value of the Afghan currency and the level of liquidity in Afghanistan’s banks are improving.

The Bakhtar news agency reported, quoting the Taliban Central Bank chief, that the value of the Afghan currency has remained stable against the US dollar compared to the currencies of the countries in the region.

Badri added, “The liquidity situation in the banks has improved because deposits in the Islamic banking sector have increased by 4% compared to the previous quarter.”

This Taliban official also emphasized the need to secure assets and better manage liquidity in the banks.

It is worth noting that despite the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the Afghan currency has maintained its stability against international currencies.

Over the past two years, the Pakistani rupee and the Iranian rial have declined sharply.

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