The UN Human Rights Council is holding a meeting today on the situation in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Coinciding with the approaching third Doha meeting, the United Nations Human Rights Council is holding a meeting today, Tuesday (June 29), on the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

Richard Bennett, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, will present a report on the situation of Afghan women and girls in this meeting.

Bennett will also provide information in his speech at this meeting on the Taliban’s discriminatory actions against Afghan women and girls.

A mechanism for the Taliban’s accountability should be created

Simultaneously, Human Rights Watch has called on the UN Human Rights Council to create an accountability mechanism to investigate the Taliban’s crimes.

This council, in its recent statement, stated that the failure to invite representatives of women and civil society activists to the third Doha meeting is a violation of the UN Security Council resolution.

According to this organization, the countries’ indifference to the Taliban’s abuse of women has turned into a disheartening trend.

This international organization expressed concern over the “oppressive” situation of Afghan women and girls and called on the world to take the gender apartheid seriously as a crime against humanity. Rights Watch issued its statement a day before the new meeting of the UN Human Rights Council to review Richard Bennett’s latest report.

The third Doha meeting will be hosted by the United Nations in 12 days. The Taliban delegation will also participate in this meeting, while the UN Secretary-General, unlike the two previous meetings, will not attend.

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