A female athlete from Afghanistan appointed as head of the Refugee team at the Paris Olympics

Bayan News – Massouma Alizada, an Afghan athlete living in France, has been appointed as the head of the Refugee team at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The athlete says in a video released on Thursday (June 20): “When I was offered the leadership of the Olympic Refugee team in Paris, I felt honored.”

28-year-old Massouma was also a member of the refugee team at the Tokyo Olympics. She is taking on this responsibility at a time when the Taliban have banned women and girls from sports, and Taliban representatives have also been banned from attending the Paris Olympics due to restrictions on women.

In the video, she clearly states that when she was cycling in Afghanistan, she felt a strong sense of freedom without fear of anything.

Massouma expressed hope that women around the world will have access to basic human rights and be able to participate in sports, education and employment.

It is worth noting that the Refugee team at the 2024 Paris Olympics represents 120 million displaced people.

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