Germany Warns of Escalating War in the Middle East

Beyan News – Annalena Baerbock, the German Foreign Minister, has warned during her visit to Israel of the rapidly escalating war in the Middle East region.

The German Foreign Minister went to Israel on Monday (June 24) to participate in a security meeting, and from there she is scheduled to go to Lebanon.

This senior German government official added that her country is deeply concerned about the expansion of the conflicts between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, which could lead to an all-out war in the Middle East.

She said that during her trip to Beirut, she will strive to reduce the tensions.

Ms. Baerbock added: “We are deeply concerned about the increase in violence on Israel’s northern borders. The risk of unintended escalation and an all-out war is increasing day by day. That’s why I’ll be traveling to Beirut tomorrow.”

She emphasized that she does not want Hamas to be victorious in Gaza, but the situation in Gaza has caused increasing disbelief and anger in the world, which will be detrimental to Israel.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Israel had announced that he was ready for ground and air operations against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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