The German government has rejected vulnerable Afghan refugees

Bayan News – According to media reports, the German Foreign Office has rejected a large number of vulnerable Afghan refugees who were waiting for transfer.

According to the ARD news network, the German government has revised its positive response to a large number of Afghan refugees, mostly in Pakistan, who were waiting to be transferred.

The report states that some Afghan refugees in Pakistan who were waiting to be transferred to Germany have received rejection responses from the German Foreign Office.

According to the report, Fatemeh Ahmadi is one of the refugees who, after a year of waiting, has currently received a rejection response from the German Foreign Office.

The German Interior Ministry has added to this news network that according to the information received, the evaluation of refugees can change at any stage.

After the fall of the previous Afghan government and the Taliban’s return to power, the German government had pledged to transfer 1,000 Afghan refugees at risk per month.

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