Pope: Democracy is not in good health in today’s world

Bayan News – Pope Francis, the leader of the world’s Catholics, warned that democracy is in a bad state in many parts of the world.

Yesterday (July 7), he condemned populist politics and expressed concern that the popularity of democracy does not exist as it once did.

The global Catholic leader stated in his speech that people in many parts of the world feel that democracy is not serving them, and that the poor and the weak have been abandoned.

The Pope said, “It is clear that democracy is not in good health in today’s world.”

He further elaborated, “I am concerned by the low number of people who came to vote. Why does this happen?”

The global Catholic leader made these remarks in the midst of the second round of the French parliamentary elections, in which the center-left and center-right parties outpaced the far-right anti-immigrant National Rally party.

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