Israel Ordered the Complete Evacuation of the Southern Part of the Gaza City

Bayan News – International media have reported that the Israeli army has called on Palestinians to fully evacuate the southern areas by dropping leaflets on the Gaza city.

The Israeli army dropped leaflets ordering the evacuation of southern Gaza on Wednesday (July 10), referring to the city as a dangerous war zone in the leaflets.

According to the reports, the order to evacuate southern Gaza indicates that the Israeli army is preparing for new attacks on the city.

The Israeli forces, which had withdrawn from the city earlier this year, currently believe that Hamas has regained strength by returning to the city.

However, Hamas has described these Israeli announcements as an attempt to create fear and has asked the people to stay in the area and ignore the evacuation order.

Some Gaza citizens have also said that they will not leave their homes, as they know that Palestinian refugees are experiencing a difficult time.

In response to this action by the Israeli army, the United Nations has said that the evacuation of the Gaza city will only result in the collective pain and suffering of Palestinian families.

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