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U.N. Secretary-General: Afghan women and girls are practically locked in their homes

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reiterated his concerns over the imposition of serious restrictions on Afghan women and girls by kabul’s acting government.

Speaking at the UNITED Nations Women’s Commission, she added that women and girls have been removed from public life and are practically locked in their homes.

Meanwhile, with the beginning of the year of education in Afghanistan, the United Nations Scientific, Educational and Culture Organization (UNESCO) recently warned that if the government’s decision to educate girls does not change, the continued exclusion of girls from education will destroy a generation.

Afghanistan is the first country in the world to ban women from education, it added in a statement.

Kabul’s acting government has issued several decrees over the past year imposing strict restrictions on women and girls.

Prohibition of girls’ education, prohibition of girls’ education and prohibition of women’s work in domestic and foreign NGOs are among the restrictions imposed on women and girls.

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