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The UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees has come to Kabul

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Gillian Trigs, the Deputy High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees, arrived in Kabul after noon on Sunday (April 30) at the head of a high-ranking delegation.

When he arrived at the Kabul airport, he told reporters that he had come to talk with Taliban leaders about the situation of Afghan refugees.

Referring to the prohibition of women’s work in international organizations, Triggs added that women’s work in organizations will provide humanitarian aid to needy families in a fundamental way.

The UN Deputy High Commissioner told reporters: “It remains clear that we will be lobbying the government to guarantee the presence of men and women in UN groups and international migration organizations to ensure that their immunity is accessible.”

On the other hand, Mohammad Arslan Khoruti, Acting Minister of Migrants and Returnees, says that the world should not politicize humanitarian aid.

He added: “The ongoing humanitarian aid process, its purpose and destination should be kept away from politics, and humanitarian aid should continue to Afghanistan unconditionally.”

The United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees is coming to Kabul in a situation where the authorities of the caretaker government of Kabul have imposed a work ban on women in the organization’s offices.

This action of the caretaker government of Kabul has severely damaged Afghanistan’s relations with the United Nations.

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