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UNAMA to the Taliban: “You must help us so that we can help you.”

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Marks Potzel, the deputy of the United Nations Office in Kabul (UNAMA), during his visit to the activities of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) employees in the Qarabagh district of Kabul, has emphasized the need for the significant and equal participation of girls and boys for the future of Afghanistan.

During this visit, Potzel said to the governor of Karabagh district: “You must help us so that we can help you.”

This UNAMA official’s visit to UNICEF’s educational activities in the Qarabagh district of Kabul is taking place in a situation where the caretaker government of Kabul has recently banned the educational activities of all foreign institutions except UNICEF in Afghanistan.

The caretaker government has not clearly announced the reason for this ban.

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