Taliban to Shia Clerics: Do not worry about the security of Ashura ceremonies

Bayan News – A number of Shia clerics in Afghanistan met and held discussions with Maulavi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy of the Taliban government, on the third day of Muharram.

The Taliban’s political deputy’s press office recently stated in a press release that during this meeting, the Shia clerics expressed gratitude for the Taliban’s efforts to ensure the security of the people, and emphasized that the Taliban administration has cooperated with the Shias within specific time periods and has listened to their (the Shias’) voice.

The Shia clerics also stated that Afghanistan is in a state of stability and consolidation of the Islamic system after the war, and on the other hand, the Shia clerics considered the cooperation of the people with the Taliban in this sensitive situation to be important, and noted that the Shias will fully cooperate with the Taliban.

The Shia clerics also discussed the holding of Muharram ceremonies in this meeting and presented proposals to the Taliban political deputy; however, it is not clear what these proposals entailed.

Meanwhile, the Taliban political deputy told the Shia clerics that all the people of Afghanistan have equal rights in the current Islamic system of this country.

This senior Taliban official, referring to the days of Muharram and Ashura of Imam Hussain, added that their security agencies have planned to ensure better security for the Ashura ceremonies, and there is no cause for concern in this regard.

The Taliban political deputy also stated that he will consider the proposals of the Shia clerics.

The meeting of the Shia clerics of Afghanistan with the senior Taliban official comes as some Taliban forces in Herat and Kabul have shown incompatibility with the Shias’ observance of the Muharram days by lowering the mourning flags from the streets and people’s homes.

Furthermore, reports were received from Herat province in western Afghanistan that Taliban forces have arrested some mourners of Imam Hussain due to the installation of mourning flags.

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