Report: Pakistani Police Deport Afghan Asylum Seekers Waiting for Transfer to the United States

Bayan News – International media outlets have recently reported that Pakistani police have deported a number of Afghan asylum seekers who were awaiting transfer to the United States.

According to Reuters, Pakistani security authorities do not consider the letters from the US embassy, which some Afghan asylum seekers possess, as valid documentation.

Reuters spoke to two Afghan families who were expelled despite showing the letters from the US embassy to the Pakistani police, and another Afghan individual who was detained despite having such a letter.

Shaun Van Diwer, the head of Afghan Evacuees, an organization assisting Afghan asylum seekers in Pakistan, told Reuters that approximately 130 Afghan asylum seekers who had special US immigration visas or were in the process of finalizing their documents have been forcibly deported from Pakistan.

According to the organization, over the past months, more than 200 Afghan asylum seekers had been detained by Pakistani police, with approximately 80 of them being released.

This report comes as the Pakistani government has recently deported nearly 500,000 Afghan asylum seekers who were residing illegally.

The process of forcibly deporting Afghan asylum seekers continues by the Pakistani government.

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