The European Union provides 15 million euros to combat climate change

Bayan News – The European Union announced on Wednesday (May 1) that it will contribute 15 million euros to combat climate change in Afghanistan.

According to the European Union statement, this aid will be used to empower local communities in four provinces against the dangers and reduction of the negative impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

As per the statement, this project will reduce vulnerability to floods and droughts and increase the resilience of rural communities to climate change. It is said to enable families to increase their agricultural and livestock production and achieve more diverse and higher incomes.

Petris Oustabas, Director of International Cooperation at the European Commission for the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific, has stated that Afghanistan is highly vulnerable to climate change.

He emphasized that given that the majority of Afghan citizens rely on agriculture, preparedness for climate change is of vital importance.

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